CM-Equity AG has profound expertise in managing and coordinating the complex IPO process to assist companies throughout the preparation to the implementation phase of the IPO. More importantly, our competencies in the capital market allow us to support companies in the post-IPO phase.


A company attracts the most attention during the process of going public. To be successfully placed on the stock market, a company needs an experienced team of specialists on its side. CM-Equity AG will take over the due diligence and be in charge of the overall control and coordination of the going public process including the formulation of the selling group. We accompany the issuer as global coordinator through every step of this entire process in order to finally accomplish the initial public offering.


Many international companies which have a first listing at a regulated foreign stock exchange wish to expand their shareholder base with a dual listing at the Frankfurt or Munich stock exchanges. 300 million potential investors from all over Europe have direct market access and can buy and sell shares on the German Stock Exchanges, 12 hours a day.

Dual listings are the key element to get access to these investors. However, market participants applying for dual listings must be able to prove their ability to trade in due form. CM-Equity AG is your partner for the dual listing of your company. Our comprehensive understanding about security trading banks and their market specializations enables CM-Equity AG to organize your dual listing through our network within just a few days.


How to obtain the right financing at the right time? This is the key question for all companies to capture their growth opportunities. CM-Equity AG offers a comprehensive fundraising package that helps companies tackle this challenge. Our clients include private and public companies who are looking for equity, mezzanine, or debt financing.

First, we carefully analyze the business and its financing needs. Then, we provide the company with detailed recommendations on appropriate financing type, proper deal structure, and improvement to meet investors’ requirements. Consequentially, together with the management, we work out a concrete equity story and take it in front of the appropriate investors from our network.


With over 20 years of experience in capital market, CM-Equity AG facilitates companies in maintaining stock liquidity, broadening investor base and improving share performance. We offer a full range of capital market services inclusive of:

  • Liquidity providing to achieve a tight and tradable spread to attract new investors;
  • Matchmaking between market expectations and company’s fundamentals by strengthening the company’s equity story;
  • Coordinating and structuring corporate merger and acquisition opportunites with global reach;
  • Leading fundraising rounds for both public and private companies with debt, equity or mezzanine financing;
  • Executing block-trade to protect stock price stability;
  • Organizing deal and non-deal roadshows in Europe and Asia, one-to-one meetings, web conferences, round table presentation, and investment conference;
  • Connecting companies with our broad network of investors and multiplicators.


The goal of corporate consulting and structuring is to support a healthy capital structure and facilitate corporate development milestones as well as management’s decisions to capture growth opportunities.

CM-Equity consults companies on:

  • An appropriate capital structure and solutions to strengthen their existing financial position;
  • Financing planning and deal structuring for essential fund raising;
  • Formulating a solid equity story which enables the investment case to be presented in a transparent and effective way;
  • Structuring such corporate transactions as M&A, MBO, LBO, and so on.


CM-Equity AG offers comprehensive consulting and due diligence services, including a counselling & information package regarding the access to German and European stock exchanges.  Moreover, CM-Equity AG provides companies not only the access to their preferred investors but also strategic advice for corporate development as well as mergers and acquisitions. Our consulting services are elevated by our international partner network of capital market experts who facilitate us with cross border transactions.


The basis for success of listed companies is to acknowledge, understand, and deal with the interests, concerns and expectations of existing and future investors. Only those who understand their counterparts will be able to build and to successfully implement trust, faith and common thinking in everyday actions.

CM-Equity AG actively helps corporates achieve a high-standard network of institutional investors and media multiplicators. The key to succeed is  a constant and proactive communication with investors and the media through road shows, one-2-one meetings, web conferences and roundtable presentations. CM-Equity organizes all of these events. On one hand, this proactive approach generates trust and team spirit between management and shareholders. On the other hand, the increased publicity acts as a positive multiplier for sustainable success for the company and its shareholders.


Despite the importance of corporate fundamentals, many investors are discouraged by the illiquid stock that a rarely traded because of wide spreads between BID and ASK. CM-Equity AG helps companies encounter this problem and attract investors at the point of sales through achieving

  • A tight and tradable spread
  • A reasonable number of shares on the bid and ask
  • Attractive prices 12 hours a day – 250 trading days a year


Twice a year, CM-Equity AG hosts an investment conference for institutional buy-side investors. The conference offers a valuable opportunity for intensive face to face presentation and discussion between the investors and the management of growth companies.  Over the last couple of years, this semiannual event has become a firmly established item on the working calendar of investors, entrepreneurs, portfolio managers, and family offices. The conference also provides a perfect platform to connect with multiplicators from the financial media, i.e. analysts and representatives from the financial press.


CM-Equity AG cooperates with experienced senior analysts who possess the skill set to produce a high quality research. The research benefits for both our institutional clients and our proprietary investment arm which often co-invest with the investors. Our analysts run the due diligence process from A to Z, and conduct site visits to companies’ operational base, background and cross-check on the management with ongoing communication. This produces a true and fair analysis and acknowledges investors about every development of the researched company. Ethics is the cornerstone of our core values and is fully illustrated in our coverage research. We assure the full compliance of our analysis to the governing regulations and internal code of ethics and standards of professional conducts.